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Big news! We have replaced this editorial style guide with updated:
Our goal was to make the content more findable, comprehensive, easier to update, and relevant to content beyond the website. We hope you like it. Feel free to continue to use and adapt this guide, as well, just know it is no longer being updated.
Keep making great content,

At the University of Arizona Libraries we want the content for our websites, social media, marketing pieces, and other materials to be reliable, understandable, and memorable.
The University of Arizona Libraries website is reliable, easy to use, and accurate. It exemplifies the principles of user-centered design, and users consistently and readily find what they need. It advances our goals of discovery, information access, and quality customer service.

We want high quality, succinct content that is relevant to users and speaks in their language. In most cases, less content is better than more, because it is easier to manage, is more user-friendly, and costs less to create.
(adapted from Kristina Halvorson’s Content Strategy for the Web, 2010)

Everyone who works at the UA Libraries!
But especially those writing content for the web, social media, marketing and other public-facing materials (customer emails, signage). It should be used when authoring content for:
  • Library websites (main library site, Health Sciences Library, Special Collections, etc.)
  • Library social media accounts
  • Course guides
  • Subject guides
  • LibAnswers FAQs
  • Discovery tools (customizable catalog text, Summon)

The format and much of the content of this guide was inspired by MailChimp's Content Style Guide.
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